Kelly Brown


Before trying Hunters HD Gold, I juggled multiple glasses/lenses. Sunny days, partly cloudy, full overcast days plus lighting at each indoor range is different. Nothing I had seemed to really fill what was needed and it was a hassle to swap lenses when conditions changed.
Winter of 2018, I tried a pair of Gauge Hunters HD Gold. I immediately noticed everything seemed more defined, crisper. I found I could correctly score targets from further away, perf lines were more evident. I knew I needed a pair of my very own. I contacted Brian Conley, went through the easy steps. Incredible customer service and quick to process. I had my own pair in no time.
I wore them for a couple local events and really enjoyed them. Even had a situation where we were shooting late into the day in a shaded area. The lenses do offer the benefit of allowing extra light, I could readily see targets and scoring zones others were having to guess at. This prompted several wanting to try out the Hunters HD Gold.
            Soon after, I wore them to a major match. I felt like I had an advantage over others. I was noticing the benefits of the lenses for quicker sight acquisition and easier shot calling. One stage had USPSA tan targets at 25-30 yards with a sandy tan berm. Several shooters were complaining how it was difficult to tell the targets apart from the berm. I didn’t seem to have any issue at all with it. The lenses are truly magical.
            The company slogan, “They change so you don’t have to” is absolutely true. These lenses provide the kind of enhancement that can work for watching friends at the range to competing in matches to hog hunting from a helicopter. They are a superior product to anything else in the market. Get yours today!

Steel Challenge, Multi-gun


Oklahoma City, OK

Kenzie Fitzpatrick


Hunters HD Gold changed my long range game big time. When I'm shooting night carbine matches or out to 500-600 yards, there is no other eyeware other than Hunters HD Gold. It truly gives a competitive advantage to see targets better. 

The Velocity frames are unbeatable. I use these every match, but especially shooting 3 gun competitions. The frames are bendable so I can guarantee I won't be messing with my eyewear when I'm running and gunning. I almost forget that I'm wearing eye protection when I'm shooting.

Because of the transition lenses, I never have to switch out glasses based on the lighting. Truly incredible lenses! I'll be a life long customer!

3 Gun, 2 Gun, Carbine, USPSA, GSSF




Pensacola, FL

Steve Foster


Hunters HD Gold is the best eye wear for the shooting sports, period. The photochromic lenses change to the lighting conditions to give you a clear sight picture regardless of the lighting conditions. Hunters HD Gold has helped elevate my shooting performance and helped land me on the cover of USPSA's Front Sight Magazine. If you are looking to elevate your game, you need these glasses in your range bag!

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, USPSA




YouTube Channel:

Atlanta, GA

Teddie Gartman


My family has been shooting for about 9 years now. We've tried all kinds of glasses and different tints. We thought that glasses were just glasses. BOY WERE WE WRONG! We have been using Hunters HD Gold for several months now, and they are AMAZING! Crystal clear in any light, and they make everything POP! The targets really stand out, and the transitions have eliminated any eye strain I was experiencing in bright conditions with other glasses. My family and I are devoted for life! If you ever see us out at the range, I'd be glad to let you try them! You'll love them too!!!

Steel Challenge, USPSA



Atlanta, GA

Bailey Gallagher


I choose to wear Hunter’s HD Gold glasses because they give me clearer vision as a hunter and shooter. Not only that, but they change shades in the sun to help shield my eyes, which can aid in me seeing my sights better on my gun, and overall improving my performance at each and every match. Whether I am in the tree stand or standing in the shooter’s box, I can easily detect movement or see my targets clearly due to the brightness and clarity that these glasses provide. I highly recommend them to my fellow shooters and hunters. I have seen so many people make the switch to Hunter’s HD because they believe in good equipment and quality, and that’s what these glasses are all about. If you’re someone that cares about good customer service and a company that gives back, you’ll never find a more perfect company than Hunter’s HD Gold

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, SASPHunter


Saint Clairsville, OH

Charles Mulé


HuntersHDGold shooting glasses offer a superior protective package when compared to traditional eye protection frequently seen in use for shooting sports activities. Made of a superior material called Trivex, these photochromic lenses (automatically adjusting to light) offer remarkable clarity in a variety of lighting and weather conditions. I have used these protective glasses indoors and outdoors. In sub-freezing temperatures, near triple digit temperatures with daunting levels of humidity, and everywhere in between. Every match, every time, I have only needed to bring my one pair of HuntersHDGold. I frequently see others changing lenses or whole glasses throughout the day.  Through each diverse condition, the lenses adapted in a such a subtle, gradual way that they did not alter my perceived vision. They created the perfect light transmission while blocking harmful rays. In addition to increasing the sharpness of my iron sight or red dot acquisition and making steel plates pop against backgrounds, dirt or snow!  I have purchased many shooting glasses in the past. Literally a pile of them. HuntersHDGold offers a solution to the problem of changing conditions with a level of superior protection. Anytime I have let someone try mine on, I hear that person exclaim aloud in surprise at just how big a difference they make. This is one piece of gear that I absolutely stand by and insist on making sure it is in my kit every time I head out. 

Steel Challenge, USPSA, Rimfire Challenge, Knock Down Steel


New Fairfield, CT

Tom Naelon


In over 20 years of all types of action style shooting I've learned a lot of stuff. Fortunately, and unfortunately, one of those things is to be skeptical of every gimmick and fad that comes and goes with the promise of making you faster, more accurate, more cool, and of course more poor. Fortunately I have for the most part survived the more poor part by not falling for all that stuff and I have enjoyed many relative successes over the years. But every now and then something comes along that your instincts tell you is a part of the gimmick and fad thing, and such has been the case for me with regard to eye protection. I have always had the opinion that eye protection was just that, protection, and if it fits well and covers your eyes then you are good to go.

 Well, that lasted until about a year and a half ago. Everyone was buying in to the whole gold lens glasses thing but me, well, I wasn't going to fall for it! I knew better! My various "name brand" eye wear was just fine and I did not need to spend any more money on stuff I did not need when it was more important to have some custom paint jobs on my rifle stocks. After all, if you can't shoot fast, at least look like you can shoot fast and when you screw up everyone will feel sorry for you, right? 

 Then came the 2018 West Florida Steel Challenge Championship at the WAC. Anyone who was there knows where I am going with this. The conditions were hardly what one would call optimal. Visibility was brutal and conditions were changing every 30 minutes. I was changing glasses more often than I was loading mags. I finally broke down and went over to the Hunters HD Gold tent and Brian Conley was more than eager to lend me a pair of Hunters HD Gold Caliber glasses and the rest, as they say, is history.

 The net result is that I now had one pair of glasses that covered me for the entire day, regardless of the changing lighting conditions. Like the banner says, "They change so you don't have to!" But even more than that is the significant increase in contrast! Wow! The targets just seem to pop out and my sights and optics are so clear and sharp. Hunters HD Gold really are a game changer. They are more than just eye protection. They are an absolute performance enhancer, and I am shooting my fastest time ever! Hunters HD Gold brought new life to these old, tired eyes! I now have 4 pair of Hunters HD Gold glasses an no day at the range is spent without them. Day or night, indoors or out, rain, shine, or in between. If you are now wearing Hunters HD Gold you are not seeing the whole picture.




Sunrise, FL

Cameron Tanner


Hands down the best eyewear in the action shooting sports! Cloudy days are brighter, bright days are dimmer, everything is always clear as a bell! The staff behind these glasses are second to none, honestly the best customer service I’ve ever seen! Throw on a pair of HD Golds and let them change for you!




Oxford, AL

Bryce Dupuy


Hunters HD Gold are great, I have been fragged many times and all it’s ever done is barely scratch the lens. This product, in my opinion, is the best! There are many reasons I feel this way. Mr. Brian, Mrs. Sherry, and the staff always go above and beyond. If you haven’t tried these glasses, I would recommend you do so.



Lumberton, MS

Bill Masaru Urquhart


Hunters HD Gold have been the best lenses I’ve ever encountered. During my time as a Special Operations Combat Medic, I studied much about the eye and how to protect it. The quality of protection is easy to define as HD Gold lenses and frames provide superior protection on the range as well as windstorms in the field from UV and debris. In the many hours spent on the computer studying for the MCAT, HD Gold lenses reduced eye fatigue and allowed me to study for long periods of times without headaches or eye strain. On the other side of the business coin, customer service of this company is second to none. Rapid and friendly responses that are always helpful. The company has been very supportive of the shooting sports, and I am honored to represent them in USPSA and Steel Challenge. After switching to these lenses, my production Steel Challenge time dropped by over 3 sec in my first match with them. There’s a reason so many people have won with HD Gold lenses on their face.

USPSA-Prod/CO, Steel Challenge-Prod/CO/RFPO


Spring Lake, NC/Upland, CA

Ryan Flowers


"Hunters HD Gold glasses bring your vision to the next level. When you shoot outdoors, changing light conditions are a certainty; Hunters HD Gold lenses eliminate the need to switch glasses throughout the day, or when shooting indoors versus outdoors. The increased visual acuity pays off when you need to shoot faster and faster; your eyes are another tool in the bag, just like your gun and ammunition. Hunters HD Gold lenses are like upgrades for the eyes. When you can see better, you can see your target faster. When you can see faster, you can shoot faster and more accurately. 

Importantly, Hunters HD Gold is more than just a good product; it is a brand that is dedicated to supporting the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and to supporting the sports and activities we shooters take part in. You could not ask for better customer service, or better people, than you will find at Hunters HD Gold. We’re lucky to have them, and luckier still that they make such a great product!"

USPSA & Steel Challenge 



Clemson, SC

Bridget Cunningham


My name is Bridget Cunningham and I am from Longview, Texas. Alongside hunting with my Hunters HD Gold glasses, I shoot Steel Challenge and Rimfire Challenge. These glasses are highly dependable everywhere! I recently had an experience where my bolt handle flew back at me while shooting a stage; the bolt hit right in the middle of my Hunters HD Gold lens and hardly left a mark! The lenses are perfect for hunting because the contrast between game and the background is significant. Spotting deer is so much easier with Hunters HD Gold!

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge




Emily Cunningham


I saw my first Hunters HD Gold tent at the 2017 Arkansas State Rimfire Match when Brian and my sister were talking. So I walked over and we both signed up for the free giveaway pair. Once I finished the match we went to sit down and wait for the ceremony. Brian came up to give out the glasses and I had won the giveaway! It didn’t take long after that for my dad and sister to get a pair. When the Velocity frames were released my sister and I upgraded and we were extremely happy with the results. The light frame and how you can fit the frame for however you want them to rest on your face, it makes for the best combination!  So no matter what discipline or caliber you’re trying to shoot, Hunters HD Gold is the way to go! They also help tremendously when it comes to hunting. I first started hunting when I was 13 years old and I fell in absolute love with it! The first time I sat in the blind I made the mistake of forgetting my glasses. That luckily never happened again! The photochromic lenses let you enjoy your hunt from dawn to dusk! Not to mention the AR coating (anti-reflective coating) all on a strong Trivex lens. The Hunters HD Gold facility is filled with love and care as every lens is made one at a time! Which makes them perfect for me to use for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge, and Hunting. After I changed to Hunters HD Gold I never looked back!

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge




Longview, Texas

Jeff Johnston


I first saw Hunters gold at a major match at Universal Shooting Academy in 2017. I tried on a pair and was very impressed. But $300+ for shooting glasses didn't seem like a good idea at the time. Seems like every major match I went to after that, there was Brian and the Hunters Gold display booth. I can't tell you how many times I stopped and looked but walked away empty handed.

 Fast forward to 2019 Alabama State Steel championship, I stopped by to say Hi to Brian and say once again that "one day I'm going to get a pair" like I had said many times before. He handed me a pair and said "do me a favor and wear these and tell me what you think". I wore those glasses all day in the hot, bright Alabama summer sun. I was pretty impressed with how vibrant and vivid everything was, how the targets really stood out, and how they transitioned into the perfect sunglasses. But at the end of the day when I took them off and put my regular shooting glasses back on is when it really hit me just how much better they were. I was blown away with how dull and dreary everything looked when I took them off even though the sun was out. I ordered a pair of RX shooting glasses on the spot.

 After I got them I found that I was wearing them all the time and people were like why are you wearing safety glasses? So I sent Brian some new glasses frames and he fitted the same great lenses in them for daily wear. Now I don't wear anything else, ever. Even a overcast winter day looks bright and warm with Hunters HD Gold glasses on. And if driving at night is a problem for you because of car headlights then you definitely need to get a pair because they majically fix that too! I wish I'd gotten a pair way back when I first saw them! Don't be like me and put it off, get a pair or two now and see the world in high definition. Your eyes are worth it, and you'll be glad you did!!

USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3gun, Falling Steel, Carbine matches



Madison, GA

Jarad Leitner


I wear a fairly heavy prescription with a special need bc I am so left eye dominant that my right eye actually shuts down when my left eye is open which in turns makes left overwork and get tired or give me headaches. Hunters HD Gold has given me the opportunity to have the RX that I need to shoot either both eyes open or one eye shut as well as never have to change my glasses. If you have a favorite from for your head they now can accommodate most diff frame sizes as well. I wear them night driving to help with glare and They Change So YOU DONT HAVE TO! Also, customer support is 2nd to none. Brian Conley, owner, literally will answer the phone himself anytime you  call whether he’s busy at a match or eating dinner with his wife. My glasses will be in the mailbox sooner than I can get a bill for them. If you aren’t wearing Hunter HD’s, you’re just flat out WRONG!

PCC, 3-gun, IDPA

Tampa, FL 

Brice Jones


Hunters HD Gold glasses are the best shooting glasses you can get your hands on. I love the fact that "They change so you don't have to". I think that Hunters HD gold glasses are a must-have for any shooter. They really make the targets stand out and will improve all your shooting disciplines. Hunting with Hunters HD Gold glasses is an experience everyone needs to try.  They would definitely go buy a pair.  They also work great while driving day or night. The clarity is amazing! Not to mention the customer service is phenomenal!!

I am a junior shooter and shoot PCCO, PCCI, RFRO, RFRI, RFPO, RFPI, 1911



Van Meter, Iowa

Justin Steeley


I own the Hunters HD Gold Caliber glasses and wear them at the range for general eye protection, but I’ve also used them while big game hunting in Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Idaho. The second I put them on in the woods, my eyelids become relaxed and my awareness of movement is heightened. They really do reduce eye strain and fatigue and they really do transition into sunglasses in bright conditions and help gather more light at dusk.



Pelham, AL

Greg Yen


When I first put my Velocity's on I was amazed! I had been having a problem with eye fatigue before, and half way through a match my eyes would bother me quite a bit. After I started wearing Hunters HD Gold glasses, the eye fatigue went away. I can put my Velocity's on and no matter the weather conditions my vision stays the same thanks to the lenses changing with the lighting. I am also able to see the targets much better, which helped increase my accuracy. I would recommend Hunters HD Gold glasses to anyone, no matter what they are wearing them for. They just increase visibility anywhere. The search for the perfect glasses is over. 



Ozark, MO

Joel Fishkin


Hunters HD Gold are without a doubt the best shooting glasses in the sport. Not only the clarity, contrast and sharpness but with wearing progressive RX, the lab does an incredible job with the RX especially if Brian is available to mark up the lenses for you. I have used every shooting lens out there over my 20 year shooting span and by far these exceed everything I have used, Especially since “They change so you don’t have to”! Not only does Hunters HDGold customize my shooting eyewear but they now make the lenses for my daily use glasses as well.
I highly recommend Hunters HD Gold!

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, USPSA

Heather Martin


Don’t let the name fool you.  Hunters HD Gold are not just for Hunters.  They are amazing versatile eyewear.  I wear my Hunters HD Gold for any shooting activity that I do, from plinking in my backyard to competing in matches.  I wear Hunters HD Gold when driving.  They are great to wear during the long drive home from matches, especially when it is starting to get dark.  I also will wear my Hunters HD Gold when I have long hours of work on a computer.  Hunters HD Gold are excellent at reducing eye strain/eye fatigue, even after long hours of wear.

Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge



Minnesota – Southern Part of the Twin Cities 

John B. Holbrook, II


If you participate in shooting sports – any shooting sport and at any level – you need Hunters HD Gold shooting glasses.  1)Unquestionably, you will be able to see your targets better and more clearly, and perhaps more importantly 2)You will have the best possible protection for your eyes.  Making sure you can hit what you’re shooting at is great. Making sure you can still see after you’re finished shooting is even better.  

Steel Challenge, USPSA, 3-Gun



Dayton, OH

John & Wannitsa Gomez


All the shooting we do all over the world has thought us one thing. No matter where you go, don’t forget your personal eye protection and only use the best available, you only have one set of eyes! We compete in several disciplines in the practical shooting sports and in every instant the Hunters HD Gold lenses out preform any other we have tried, and we have tried them all. The clarity, color and materials do not distort anything in your field of view, only enhance your vision. The most important thing we noticed while competing was the comfort of our eyes in any environment. Weather it was dawn, dusk or the middle of the day we can still can clearly see our target, without straining to see them. It didn’t matter if you are shooting steel plates, cardboard, clays or long range targets through a scope, we could see our target every time and our eyes don’t get tired. Unlike Wannitsa I use Rx lenses and let me tell you that the great team at Hunters HD Gold know what they are doing. Some of the best material available on the market today is used to make Hunters HD Gold shooting lenses and the quality of there craftsmanship is second to none. Please contact us if you have any question, we are happy to help!

3-Gun, Multigun, USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, 2-GunCarbine, Shotgun





Huntsville, AL

Gabriel Pruitt


When I first started shooting I used  Bolle ballistic shooting glasses. I would have trouble seeing the targets.  At one of the matches I picked up a pair of Hunters HD Gold glasses off the prize table.  Other shooters were offering me money for the glasses. I did not understand why. When we were leaving  I put the glasses on. I was shocked. I could see things clearly did not matter if the sun was shining  straight on me, raining, or in a shade. I wore the Hunters HD glasses to my next shoot. I was in awe of these glasses. The targets popped. I was excited  that now I would never have the problem of not seeing  the target again. I also use my glasses for hunting, or whenever  I'm outside. Everyone  I meet if they don't  have a pair I will show them my glasses and let them look thru them. Hands down these are the best glasses on the market. 

Rimfire, Steel Challenge, USPSA

Homer, GA

Nate Gibson


I truly believe in this product and here is why!

Hunters HD Gold Glasses are the best! The glasses are very clear no matter what! My favorite part is that they never fog up! Another great feature is how they quickly change from dark to light no matter the weather condition so I don’t have to change my glasses throughout the day. Hunters HD Gold lenses make the steel targets pop which allows for faster target acquisition. The best thing about Hunters HD Gold’s company is the amazing customer service! If you have any problems with the glasses Brian will try his best to help get your glasses fixed! Brian welcomes ideas and input on how the glasses can be even better!

USPSA, Steel Challenge, RCSA, SASP



Dysart, IA

Jeremy Beaver


2017 was the first time I had heard about Hunters HD Gold glasses and was intrigued.  I had to opportunity to meet Steve Foster at the 2017 East Coast Steel Challenge Championships and tried his HHDG's on.  While his were prescription and the view was disorienting, I got the gist of how much these glasses made a difference.  I was fortunate enough to have a friend send me an extra pair in early 2018 and I fell in love.  

I wear my HHDG's all day at the range and love that no matter the weather or light conditions, the view stays the same: nice and defined.  I have obtained a 2nd pair of HHDG's with my prescription and the BJ Norris frames for driving.  I cannot tell you the difference it makes with overcast and rainy days to be wearing these instead of my regular glasses.  Everything flat is well defined and so much easier to see.

I am proud to wear my Hunters HD Golds and proud to have them on my jersey.  I have been trying to get all of my shooting friends to ditch their current eyewear and come to the side that changes so they don't have to.

Steel Challenge, PA Steel League, Rimfire Challenge



Chalfont, PA

Blayne Dupuy


Hunters HD Gold have made such a difference in my vision and allowed me to shoot faster and more accurately. In my opinion, these are the best shooting/hunting glasses on the market. You can’t go wrong choosing these. Also, Mr. Brian and the Hunters HD Gold staff are amazing too work with.




Lumberton, MS

Andrew Greene


I have been a fan of another brand for my entire life till I wore a pair of hunters HD gold. They were absolutely amazing. It was during uspsa nationals in Frostproof Florida.  We had changing conditions from overcast, to rainy then bright sunshine. The glasses stayed perfect for every condition.  I was shooting production & the front fiber was bright with the lenses but the lenses transitioned perfectly to the condition.  I am now shooting carry optics and the lenses are equally amazing using an optic.  It pops crystal clear. I am also proud to wear something that’s American made, a true supporter of the shooting sports & is a family owned business.  


Charleston, SC

Lori O'Rear



I love my Hunters HD Gold glasses! 

The lightweight, flexible and photochromic lenses make them superior eyeglasses for any light indoor or outdoor. These specially developed lenses have been instrumental in my shooting game by allowing me to see targets clearer and brighter and enhancing my red dot. I can also focus on my competitions rather than changing out glasses all day long due to the light. 

I own most of all the styles, but my favorite are the Aviators. These frames come with “safety blinders” which are easily attached when shooting and detached if you want to wear them away from the range. 

If you are looking for the best sports glasses in the industry coupled with excellent customer service…then Hunters HD Gold is for you!! 

Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol and 



Tampa, FL

Moose Liming



I was first approached by Brian Conley to wear one of his glasses at the Florida State Steel Challenge and  was skeptical.  

That evening, I drove home wearing the glasses and the level of clarity I experienced with oncoming headlights was surprising. The amount of glare reduced was very impressive! However, what was and continues to be MORE impressive is the customer service at Hunters HD Gold. They are ALWAYS willing to assist and answer any questions you have about their glasses. 

My background in law enforcement and having a position on the USAR Pistol Team requires me to have a bigger frame than most people. I finally found some frames for my LARGE head and asked Brian if his lenses could be fitted with a RX….he responded with “Absolutely.” The glasses are excellent for my Bullseye Competitions and my job. I also recently, tried out the BJ Norris Signature Frames and they are great for everyday use. 

I highly recommend Hunters HD Gold to anyone! 

Bullseye, NRA Action Pistol and 

Steel Challenge

Tampa, FL

Ashlynn Greene


Thank you to Brian Conley and Hunters Gold HD glasses. Brian and his team worked their magic with my Oakley frames, he revived them and made them exactly what I needed to be more competitive as a shooter on the range- no matter what the weather was like. The way the frames darken and lighten based on the sun eliminated the need for me to carry multiple pairs of glasses to the matches. I’ll never shoot without my Hunters Gold HD lenses! They have positively impacted my shooting experience! 


Charleston, SC

Bella Farias


They are much more than just safety. Hunters HD Gold glasses are far different from your standard glasses. They are custom lenses that go above and beyond This material (tri-vex, which is used in all Hunters HD Gold glasses) is lighter and tougher which makes them ideal for shooters, but the one part that makes them more special and truly helps them stand out from the rest is that they are photochromic. Which basically means that they change so that you don’t have to. As a shooter I have gone through multiple pairs of glasses in just one day. In the morning when its bright it would be a darker lense more like sunglasses around midday I would have to switch to clear because the sunglasses were far too dark and by the end of the day at around sunset I would have to put on a pair of yellow tinted glasses to really make sure I could see during those darker hours of practice or competition. With Hunters HD Gold glasses I don’t have to do any of that, when its bright outside they change to a dark amber color and when its gets darker they change to a light golden color to ensure I can see at all hours of the day. At first I was beyond skeptical because I believed that “yellow glasses” were only for when it got dark. These are far from a pair of “yellow” glasses they allowed me a skeptic to shoot my personal best time at my last nationals in both the morning and afternoon sessions allowing me to truly see the difference and change that they made for me.

Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, SASP, TYAS, Texas Renegade Series


McAllen, TX

Paul Hagiantoniou


I discovered HuntersHDGold whilst hosting Kita in Australia. 

The clarity and correctness of the lenses are unmatched by any other set of glasses I have ever used over my 35 years of shooting. 

The tint and transition properties of Brian’s creation mean there is no need for multiple pairs of different colour lenses. 

Recently I had an accident shooting a stage and wedged myself hard between a door I was opening the wrong way and the rear sight of my pistol slammed into my right eye HD lens, the impact was extremely hard bending the aluminium door. 

The lens withstood the impact with a deep scratch from the rear sight and bleeding and bruising to my cheek and eye brow from the frames. That’s how hard it was!

Any other frame and lens would not have withstood the impact and would have resulted in further injury. 




Greg Vaughn


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.If you have attended any Major USPSA match in past several years you have seen the Hunters HD Gold Booth.  That is where I was first able to touch, feel and wear a pair of Hunters HD Gold glasses.  That made it easy to see first-hand how they worked in the early mornings and late evenings lighting.  I know from experience that I’ll always be the first shooter when the sun has yet to rise.  The need to carry two pairs of glasses to the line are gone.  Hunters HD Gold proved their slogan to me “They Change So You Don’t Have To”.  The photochromic lens in Hunters HD Gold will be golden color is less light scenarios and then darken as the available light increases!  An added benefit is you also get protection from ultraviolet radiation! 

I sent Brian Conley my prescription from my eye doctor after marking the sample lenses for my custom configuration.  The glasses arrived shortly and I could not be happier with the fitment and feeling I get wearing these glasses.  The Hunters HD Gold gives me much better contrast of the brown targets and brown dirt berms.  This was the best investment in my shooting gear that I’ve ever made!

The company has also been a great supporter of the USPSA Level 2 matches.  I am the Match Director of the Roadrunner Shootout in Fresno CA and Brian Conley, Hunters HD Gold has been a great sponsor and supporter of our USPSA Level 2 event.  You get a great product that is proven to protect your eyes and help improve your vision in any shooting discipline.

USPSA and Steel Challenge




Fresno, C

Frank Xu


I've started wearing Hunters HD Gold eye protection back in 2018 and I love it. I try out different kinds of eye protections since I was in the Army back in Taiwan and when I move to the US, I had tried different eye protections until I starting to wear Hunters HD Gold. 

Most of the eye protection on the market is either a single color glasses, or they will give you multiple lenses that you can switch for different lighting setup. Hunters HD Gold will change the color during the day so it will fit the best conditions when you shoot. This is a HUGE value for different kinds of shooters and can focus on shooting. Hunters will be able to focus on their targets, competition shooters will able to focus on stage plaining, and see the targets clearer. I know Hunters HD Gold is for everyone and I will definitely recommend to everyone. I know you will see a huge difference when you put it on.

USPSA, USSL-Multiigun, UPL




Salt Lake City, UT 

Hunters HD Gold Team Partners