How to Keep Shooting Glasses from Fogging Up

Stop Shooting Glasses from fogging up

How to Keep Shooting Glasses from Fogging Up

Published 2021-07-26 15:31:58 | Written by Steve Foster

Shooting has been more than just a past time for me; it has been an opportunity to make lifelong friends around the country. Over the past five years, shooting major matches in different states has led to some interesting shooting conditions. First, I recall shooting in the sand of Idaho where you did not dare drop a magazine on the ground or you would have to take it all apart to get the last grain of sand out. The most challenging and unique set of shooting conditions I experienced was the first time I participated in a match in Mississippi at the 2017 Mississippi State Steel Challenge Championship outside of Biloxi.

Living in the South for the past 15 years has afforded me the experience to feel some of the hottest of hot days. It has also presented some of the most humid days I have ever endured. When I arrived at the match in Mississippi, I had all of my gear with me in the hotel room the night prior, to keep it secure. The first stage of the day was Smoke and Hope. I was given the “Make Ready” command. I pulled out my JP GMR 13 topped off with a Vortex Razor. As I took off the protective optic cover, I noticed some condensation. As soon as I pushed the up arrow to turn on the optic, a white-like haze flashed over the glass. It was the most immediate and ferocious fog I have ever seen. Despite several attempts at wiping away the condensation, it kept returning. I ended up shooting the stage with a partially obstructed optic.

After the match, I remembered my Hunters HD Gold glasses came with Z-Clear ( and it kept my glasses from fogging up when shooting. When I returned to the hotel room, I applied Z-Clear to my optics in hopes it had the same impact as my glasses. The next morning it was even more hot and humid. I took my same rifle out of the bag, took off the optic cover and it worked! There was a slight fog on the glass and then it dissipated as fast as it arrived. I apply my Z-Clear every week to my Hunters HD Gold glasses and I now treat my optics as well, if I know I am going to shoot in hot and humid conditions.