What Color Lens for Shooting Glasses

Best Lens color for shooting

What Color Lens for Shooting Glasses

Published 2021-07-26 15:31:58 | Written by Steve Foster

There are a lot of different colored lens out on the market for your consideration for shooting, so which one is right for me? Great question. Let’s spend a little time discussing a few of the popular options from Hunters HD Gold. In 2017 Hunters HD Gold took the Steel Challenge world by storm with top competitors showing up to matches with a gold color lens which would transition from a bright gold to a dark gold based on the lighting conditions. The main reason why many shooters have embraced the gold lens is the contrast they present. White painted targets seemed crisp and clearer like they have never been seen for the first time. Admittedly, there was a visual sensory overload at first and it took a couple of moments for your eyes to get adjusted to the contrast. The added clarity enabled the eye to focus sharply on the plates and many competitors commented they could not miss.

The first part of 2021 saw the release of Hunters HD Ruby, which is a ruby color. After trying a pair, I had to turn down my Vortex Razor red dot. The ruby colored lens accentuated the red color of the red dot. This same phenomena happened with my red fiber optic front sights on both my rifles and handguns. The value was realized when I would transition my handgun at an accelerated speed, my eyes had a tendency to lose the front sight. With the Hunters HD Ruby, it was easy to find. I liken it to a road flare in front of my eyes; it is hard to miss it. The Ruby lens is darker than the gold lens. I personally do not have an issue competing in low light with the Ruby. This was proven at the 2021 West Florida Steel Challenge Championship in Clearwater Florida. If you have never competed at the Wyoming Antelope Club (WAC), all of the bays are three-sided concrete with a concrete roof. To say the lighting conditions are low, this is a drastic understatement. Securing the overall match win while competing with Hunters HD Ruby lens is a testament to the right lens, for the right shooter, at the right lighting conditions.

In summary, there are a lot of lens colored options out on the market. Hunters HD Gold has been on the forefront of listening to the hunter and shooters to provide options right for them. If you are at a match, make sure you stop by and see Brian Conley at the Hunters HD Gold tent to demo a pair. You do not know what you are missing until you try a pair on!