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 In over 20 years of all types of action style shooting I've learned a lot of stuff. Fortunately, and unfortunately, one of those things is to be skeptical of every gimmick and fad that comes and goes with the promise of making you faster, more accurate, more cool, and of course more poor. Fortunately I have for the most part survived the more poor part by not falling for all that stuff and I have enjoyed many relative successes over the years. But every now and then something comes along that your instincts tell you is a part of the gimmick and fad thing, and such has been the case for me with regard to eye protection. I have always had the opinion that eye protection was just that, protection, and if it fits well and covers your eyes then you are good to go.

 Well, that lasted until about a year ago. Everyone was buying in to the whole gold lens glasses thing but me, well, I wasn't going to fall for it! I knew better! My various "name brand" eye wear was just fine and I did not need to spend any more money on stuff I did not need when it was more important to have some custom paint jobs on my rifle stocks. After all, if you can't shoot fast, at least look like you can shoot fast and when you screw up everyone will feel sorry for you, right? 

 Then came the West Florida Steel Challenge Championship at the WAC last year. Anyone who was there knows where I am going with this. The conditions were hardly what one would call optimal. Visibility was brutal and conditions were changing every 30 minutes. I was changing glasses more often than I was loading mags. I finally broke down and went over to the Hunters HD Gold tent and Brian Conley was more than eager to lend me a pair of Hunters HD Gold Caliber glasses and the rest, as they say, is history.

 The net result is that I now had one pair of glasses that covered me for the entire day, regardless of the changing lighting conditions. Like the banner says, "They change so you don't have to!" But even more than that is the significant increase in contrast! Wow! The targets just seem to pop out and my sights and optics are so clear and sharp. Hunters HD Gold really are a game changer. They are more than just eye protection. They are a performance enhancer! Hunters HD Gold brought new life to these old, tired eyes! And, as for the package I was waiting on? Here's what was inside, pair #4!


Steve Foster - Competitive Shooter


“I was fortunate enough to shoot the 2016 Alabama State Steel Match with my new Hunters HD Gold prescription glasses.  I was able to achieve 5 State Titles due to how well the glasses performed in both direct sunlight and under cloud cover across two days.  As the shooting conditions changed, I did not have to fumble around to find different glasses, instead the lenses changed to the lighting conditions for me.  Words cannot explain how great the contrast is.  My front sight has never been so clear!  I can firmly say my shooting performance will no longer be limited by the glasses I wear.  Thank you so much to the Hunters HD Gold team for putting the time and effort into researching and developing the best pair of shooting glasses I have ever tried on!”

Trent Mitsuoka - Competitive Shooter


"Hunter's HD Gold helped me win my third consecutive World Championship in the Rimfire Rifle Optics Division and also won Rifle Steel Master (Which is Rimfire rifle and PCC added together).  With the Rifle Steel Master victory, I am now the worlds fastest rifle shooter! I love my new Hunters HD Gold  and they surely helped me win.  I shot 2 personal best scores which propelled me to victory!

Thank you again for helping me with this win!  I am so grateful and this is a really big win this time.  I couldn't have done it without the added edge Hunters HD Gold gave me."

Cole Busch - Junior Competitive Shooter


"I have tried numerous types of protective eyewear but Hunters HD Gold is by far the most versatile. Regardless of the lighting conditions these glasses adjust appropriately and make quick target acquisition easy. I use the Aviator model and compete at indoor and outdoor competitive shooting matches. The lighting conditions can vary significantly and the Hunters HD Gold adjusts automatically. Unlike other protective eyewear you do not have to walk off the stage and replace different colored lenses for the changing conditions. The Aviator model is available in two different sizes which makes it nice for Youth, Junior and Adult size faces! These glasses are awesome!!!"

Darin Clifton - Brush Country Monsters TV


"The lenses are exceptionally clear and crisp. We always strive for clarity when filming for TV and insist on top quality camera lenses. The top-end lenses feature clarity from edge to edge - this is also a feature we found in the Hunters HD Gold eyewear. Very impressive. 

The lenses offered very nice enhancement in low light situations. The only down side was they were very bright in midday full sun.

The fact that prescription lens options are available is a major selling point. Mine has a +2 reader in bottom.  These are very comfortable & prevent changing glasses to read a license."

Jeff Jones - - - Competitive Shooter


"I’d been wearing Hunters HD Gold for about 2 weeks before the US Steel Shoot. I liked the way that the photochromic lenses adapted to the sunlight, changing so I didn’t have to. However, at the US Steel shoot I’d be shooting all day in the bright sun, how would they hold up? I’m happy to report that they performed amazingly! Throughout the day, every plate was crisp and it helped me take 3rd overall in PCCO.  I didn’t take them off until I got back to my car that night, and I had ZERO eye strain. I’ll never need another set of shooting glasses, thanks Hunters HD Gold!"

Larry Joe Steeley Jr. - Owner Steel Target Paint


"I wanted to let you know that our Steel Target Paint shooting team reviewed the Hunters Gold HD shooting glasses at the NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship at Cavern Cove in Woodville AL. The whole team agreed that target acquisition was drastically improved during the match due to the clarity of the lenses. We are recommending the Hunters HD Gold to all of the competitors and anyone else who wishes to gain the maximum limits of their vision while shooting."

Jenna Jones - Junior Competitive Shooter


"When wearing the Hunters HD Gold aviator style shooting glasses, they always improve my shooting experience tremendously. The clarity of the lenses is impeccable and hasn’t faded at all. They are also quite fashionable with the aviator build, so I find them to look much better and more flattering on my face, rather than a lot of the stock shooting glasses that look awkward or square. As well as looking nicer than the typical pair of shooting glasses, they are also more comfortable. I would always have trouble within a few hours with regular glasses rubbing against my head and ears, making them uncomfortable to wear. However, with the Hunters HD Gold glasses, I can wear them for longer periods of time than any other shooting glasses I’ve owned. I have owned these glasses for several months and have yet to experience fogging. But if I ever were to experience fogging, the glasses come with special Anti-Fog Solution to apply to the glasses to rid of and prevent future fogging. On top of the glasses being comfortable and stylish, they are also very durable. I have dropped my glasses more times than I can count and not once have they shown even the slightest signs of cracks, dents, or scratches. My Hunters HD Gold glasses are also very safe, and I always feel like my eyes are protected from ricochets whenever I wear them. In addition to all of these great things, the Hunters HD Gold glasses have photochromic lenses that allow them to change based on the light conditions. In brighter scenes, the lenses become darker, and when there's less light, the lenses are a lighter tone, so there's no need to change glasses! Overall, my aviator style Hunters HD Gold glasses are the best shooting glasses I've ever bought and I recommend them to everyone!"

Modern Gun Girl - Gunsmith - Instagram


"Nope those are not my beloved Ray Bans. Those are the new Aviators from Hunters HD Gold. I met with Hunters HD Gold before my trip to Missouri. I used them while I was hunting, target shooting with various types of optics but most of my experience was in a very cloudy environment so even though I was excited about them I didn’t want to jump the gun just yet till I had a chance to try them in really bright sunlight. Wow! They really do make the clarity of everything around you Hd! They even will put prescription lenses in them for you! Another fun story for you is while in Missouri another pair I brought with me was being worn by someone who was sighting in the Windrunner (50 cal) during the process they moved the stock in. Renounced to any of us the slots on the rods that enable the stock to lock in place at the most forward position happened to not be milled out wide enough. It clicked and stayed in place when shouldered. When fired it disengaged from the slots & left a nasty scope bite on his forehead!!! The glasses were fine! It bent them and took some hair with them but if he hadn’t been wearing them it would have been a lot worse! I bent the frames back out and he’s still wearing them! If you’re going to get scope bitten it may as well be from a 50 cal right?! So I can attest from personal experience from cloudy, rainy days, to the bright Alabama sunshine, to getting slammed by a 50 cal.  These Aviators are hands down tough as nails and worth every penny! You’ll never buy another pair of shooting glasses!"

Michael Bane - Outdoor Channel - Shooting Gallery


"Tonight on SHOOTING GALLERY we have the first part of Richard Mann's and my SCOUT RIFLE SAFARI in South Africa, which is pretty cool. I'm very proud of the shows.

Before you start sending me emails stating how I am a miserable role model (which is, indeed, true) I want to say up front that I did not use eye or ear protection while hunting. I did manage to lose 4 sets of earplugs out in the veldt. When it's time to take the shot, it's time to take the shot, plugs or not.

Regarding eye pro, the glasses I brought with me just didn't deliver in the field...I was losing too much definition, especially in slanting afternoon light (and remember we filmed in June, late autumn in SA), and I found it harder to pick up the crosshairs on the forward mounted Leupold. I feel very strongly that when I am hunting, I need to bring my best shot. Period. Animals aren't steel targets.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure my Ruger rifle isn't going to explode, blow out a case, whatever. If you're worried about that, get a better rifle.

I have since changed shooting glasses. After trying a bunch of stuff, at the recommendation of my friends on the RCSA Board of Directors, I tried Hunters HD Gold, which I am enormously happy with.

I used them a lot on the range and then took them whitetail hunting in Texas last November. I am VERY pleased, even with forwarded mounted scout scopes in the afternoon. Just a heads up...they're not sponsors, but they did give me the glasses to try out. I'd happily buy them.

So, I strongly urge you to pay no attention to what I do and, instead, do what I say! Always wear eye and ear pro!"

Bill & Elizabeth Pearch - Competitive Shooter


"Shooting in Alaska is…  different.  Not only do we go from -30f to 80f, we also go from snowy backgrounds to brown or muddy back grounds to green AND we have huge variations in light.  Seriously – the light for competitive shooting in January may be stadium lights, the light in April will be overhead, and in June it goes from in your eyes to a twilight that never gets truly dark.  Previously I wound up with 4 or 5 different pair of safety glasses riding around in my range bag and it seemed just like chokes in shotguns; I never had the right one with me. Hunters HD Gold has been a huge advantage.  The gold tint is light enough for twilight and under the stadium lights.  The transition to a darker tint is rapid and just enough for the brightest ‘sun in your eyes’ days.  The specific tint used lets targets ‘pop’ from the background nicely – especially on rainy or muddy days.   They fit my head well.  Really well.  The temples adjust up and down so I can fit them against my hat under my ear protection for all day wear.  This also helps with reducing fogging and sweat drops on the lenses.  Have you ever had sweat freeze to your glasses?  I have…   Lastly – clarity.  I’ve used a few brands of safety glasses for shooting.  They have always had what appear to be cast lenses with what I thought was acceptable clarity.  Putting on the Hunters HD Gold shooting glasses taught me very quickly what acceptable clarity really was.   Now – they are my daily wear glasses.  Driving, reloading, working in the yard, hiking….  They go where I go.   Down side?  Sure….  You will have to get a pair for your wife."

Gray Farmsworth - Swarovski Optic


"Let me start by saying…”I LOVE my HUNTERS HD GOLD eyewear”!

I was able to test them out in Casper Wyoming during a two day Prairie Dog shoot. Being blonde with blue eyes my eyes are very sensitive to all the elements especially in the windy, dry and sunny conditions of Wyoming high deserts.

Not only did they block the constant wind from my eyes but the brightness and clarity was awesome. The cloud cover would roll in and give relief from the heat but could also hinder your spotting ability. That wasn’t the case with my HUNTERS HD GOLD glasses. They completely light everything up.

They also dramatically reduced my eye fatigue being out in the field all day.

I am unable to wear sunglass while shooting or spotting because of the darkness trying to look through a scope or binoculars. I can easily wear HUNTERS HD GOLD from sun up to sun down while behind a scope or pair of binoculars."

Steve Cole - - Competitive Shooter


"The first time I tried Hunters HD Gold, I knew right away something was very special about these glasses. I couldn't believe the clarity and sharpness of everything through these glasses. I've suffered from eye strain and fatigue for a long time until I switched to Hunters HD Gold. I really didn't even realize it. I just knew I always left the range with a headache. Once I made the switch the headaches went away. 

The photochromic lense are so nice. You never have to change glasses or lense for different lighting conditions. I went from 4 pairs of range glasses in the range bag to just one pair of Hunters HD Gold. 

With time comes old age. I just ordered a pair of Rx Hunters HD Gold. I can't wait! Never thought I would be so excited about having to wear glasses. 

If you are ever at a match with me, I always have a demo pair in the range bag. So come see me."

Justin "Chilly" Childress - Team Striplin Custom Gunworks


"I am amazed every time I put on my Hunters HD Gold glasses. The quality and clarity is beyond belief. I feel like ever since I started wearing them, it has really taken my shooting to the next level. These glasses make the plates so crisp and clear. They also really help with the contrast in the background. One of the best features is they change with the lighting conditions so you don’t need multiple shooting glasses for different weather conditions. I am a customer for life and will never wear any other type of shooting glasses. Thanks Hunters HD Gold  for making an amazing product and also for everything you do for the shooting community!"

Tina Luck - - - Competitive Shooter


"Hunters HD Gold change to whatever the weather is like outside, reduces glare as well as enhances contrast that brings out the targets you are shooting! No more changing my lenses according to what the weather is like for the day because Hunters HD Gold glasses change for me! These glasses are amazing! Customer service is top notch as well! Great company and great people!"

Kaitlin Benthin - Competitive Shooters


"In the competitive shooting world things change from week to week, where you shoot, the temperature and weather you shoot in, the type of gun you are shooting (rimfirr, pistol, rifle, shotgun), the venue you are shooting (uspsa, rimfire challange, steel challange, charity events, trap and skeet) which also decides the ammo you will use, the squad you shoot with, the friends you get to see, what you do during down time between stages (have a little fun with friends at the match or texting friends that aren't at the match) and the great people you get to meet..... the one constant is what protects our eyes, Hunters HD Gold are the high performance eye protection that works in all environments and all venues that make targets stand out against the background which enables faster target acquisition for faster times. Thank you Hunters HD Gold for making our eyes safer, our world a clearer and our shooting faster!"

Gabriel Pruitt - Competitive Shooter


"When I started shooting competitions I wore safety glasses. They would fog up. I could not see during cloud cover, rain, snow, straight sun, or inside. I would have a problem every time with them. During a match I had the opportunity to walk the prize table a got a pair. The next match I wore them and was blown away. The targets popped. No matter the conditions inside, outside, sun,rain,or snow the lenses changed perfectly. I never had a problem seeing with a pair of glasses again. Hunter HD Gold is an Amazing company with great products and people. I recommend giving them a try you will not regret it."

Robert, April and Rachel "Sugarplum" Smith


"I love my Hunter HD Gold glasses. I have the aviator pair. They are very stylish and fit perfectly. They make those steel plates "POP!" These lenses change nicely to indoor ranges/matches. 

Robert and April- Wow! We both were coming home with headaches with our old shooting glasses. The piece above the ears always squeezed our heads. Both of us have the Hunters HD Gold pair with the flex piece.  These feel fantastic! No more headaches for the Smith Family after a match. Our glasses change nicely in all weather conditions and make our targets easy to spot. Hunters HD Gold is awesome and one of a kind!"

Maximus White -


Max has said so much about the glasses but Saturday at the match I think he summed it all up with one sentence when he was telling someone in our squad about his new glasses:

-"They make every day look like it's a nice day!" 

-When he first put them on at home he said:

"I can see everything"

-Regarding some sporting clays:

"I shot half of the sporting clay course with my old transitions and half of the course with my Hunters HD Gold glasses....I hit way more with my Hunters HD Gold glasses"

Brian Kruszewski - Competitive Shooter


"The Hunters HD Gold Aviators are absolutely amazing!! The clarity and definition is exceptional no matter the lighting. The quality far exceeds any other glasses I’ve worn. The frames are top notch and adjust very easily. I can say this because I’ve worn Safety glasses for 25 years as required at my job as a production superintendent. I highly recommend these!!! Love my Aviators!!"

Piper Hattox - Competitive Shooter


"Hunters HD gold is great.
They help make the targets pop out more so you dont have trouble seeing anything.  No matter if you shoot steel challenge or USPSA, they also have really good glare control so that youre not getting glares from the sun all the time when youre shooting.  The clarity on these glasses is astounding, it really does make everything more sharp and more clearer.  My favorite thing about them though is that they transition, so you can see inside and outside without any trouble.  These glasses have made my life 10x better shooting wise, they are also just very comfortable in general.  I would recommend them, it may seem like a lot of money, but you really do get what you pay for.  They are amazing shooting glasses."

Andy Rayland, Competitive shooter -- NRA Action Pistol


"As a senior shooter I’ve struggled to find safety glasses that provide the right combination of protection as well as clear vision.  I have myopia coupled with astigmatism and have never been able to see a nice round dot when shooting with red dot optics. That's is until I got a pair of Hunters HD Gold® Safety Glasses.  They are second to none!  Now I can see the red dot without annoying flares and I credit that to the superb Trivex®, AR Coating, and Golden lenses which provide the ultimate in toughness, durability, sharpness and zero glare.

    "Hunters HD Gold® are safety glasses for “all seasons”—here in Wyoming the weather conditions change quickly and the lenses change when the light conditions change.  During the winter months I shoot indoors under artificial light conditions and the contrast, brightness and sharpness are vastly improved over standard safety glasses. When the summer months call for outdoor shooting, the glasses change when shooting in bright sun or overcast conditions and the goggle type design of the “Caliber” frame provides added eye protection from blowing dust and debris during windy days.  Additionally, I’m a consultant in the nuclear power industry and since the glasses meet nuclear industry safety standards, the glasses perform double duty when I’m doing consulting work at nuclear sites in the U.S. and overseas.

    There are many frame styles and colors available from contemporary to traditional aviator style frames.  Also, Hunters HD Gold® has first rate customer service during and after the sale.   Their policy is 100% customer satisfaction!"  - Andy Rayland 

Chris Guest - President QDMA Birmingham Chapter


"As an avid hunter and wing shooter, I am always looking for ways to leverage the latest technology to improve my odds in the field.  Whether it's the latest camo pattern, scent control system, arrow rest, or rifle optics, our gear gives us a physical and mental edge in our pursuits.  As someone who was blessed with 20/20 vision, it never occurred to me that I could actually improve my visual acuity.  Boy was I wrong.  The first time I put on a pair of Hunters HD Gold, I realized what I had been missing.  It's like upgrading your eyes to High Definition.  These glasses allow me to perceive movement and contrast like never before, improve my ability to focus in both extremely bright and low light conditions, and most importantly protect my eyes from the hazards that surround me while in the field.  The best part is that I don't have to sacrifice comfort gain these advantages.  Whether I am pursuing that buck of a lifetime with my bow, staring down a gobbler with my shotgun, or just shooting some sporting clays with my friends, you won't find me in the field without my Hunters HD Gold."

David Benthin - Competitive Shooter - Law Enforcement


"For obvious reasons I can not mention my agency but I do use Hunters HD Gold on patrol.  Working straight mids I have prescription lenses and Hunters HD Gold eliminates headlight glare, helps so much with eye strain with the computer because I can keep the screen as little brighter and the clearer vision with no glare, when driving at night, helps me to see hazards earlier, like deer, animals or people walking near or on the road. I also use my other pair of Hunters HD Gold for shooting and cutting the grass.... I trust my eyes to Hunters HD Gold!!"

Charles Mule⍘ - Competitive Shooter


"Visual acuity.  How sharp you see things. You put a pair of Hunters HD Gold glasses on and you know right away, this is something special. Everything that you look at suddenly becomes sharper, clearer.  Imagine putting on a pair of glasses that immediately gives you pause. The first word that people say to me after trying a pair on is “Wow!” The photochromic lenses work flawlessly and do their trick without your eyes even noticing. No need to carry multiple lenses or glasses. Eye strain is significantly reduced. I have had dozens of shooting glasses. These are the best by far."