Hunters HD Gold® Custom

Hunters HD Gold® Custom Lenses For Your Favorite Frames

Please fill out completely, we will send you the process on Hunters HD Gold Custom and Prescription Custom as well. This is used for Hunters HD Ruby as well.

Hunters HD Gold Custom FAQ

What if my frame is not a safety frame?

The Hunters HD Gold Lenses are the same properties, but will not have the ANSI markings unless your frame is a Z87.1 Frame. You cannot have ANSI marking on lens unless a Z87.1 or Z87.2 frame is used. They will not be able to pass at your job site that requires OSHA markings on the lenses.

Will the lenses still protect my eyes?

Yes, but be careful. Hunters HD Gold Lenses will still protect your eyes. If your frame is not Z87.1, it might hold the lens the same if impacted with an object or objects. Hunters HD Gold always recommends using Z87.1 rated frames. SAFETY is our #1 concern at the range.

Can you make Hunters HD Gold Custom with Rx?

Yes, when you fill out the form below, there will be instructions sent to you about the Rx side of the process.

Can you make the one piece eye shields?

Unfortunately not, the High Definition Generator we use cuts one lens at a time with a limit of 78mm per lens.

How to Begin the Process:

Click below to send an email to Hunters HD Gold Custom. We will respond with exact instructions to follow for a hassle free experience. We look forward to earning your trust with your Hunters HD Gold Rx/Custom Advanced Shooting Lenses.