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Best Lens color for shooting

What Color Lens for Shooting Glasses

There are a lot of different colored lens out on the market for your consideration for shooting, so which one is right for me? Great question. Let’s spend a little time discussing a few of the popular options from Hunters HD Gold. In 2017 Hunters HD Gold took the Steel Challenge world by storm ...

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Stop Shooting Glasses from fogging up

How to Keep Shooting Glasses from Fogging Up

Shooting has been more than just a past time for me; it has been an opportunity to make lifelong friends around the country. Over the past five years, shooting major matches in different states has led to some interesting shooting conditions. First, I recall shooting in the sand of Idaho where you...

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Best Shooting Glasses

Review of the Hunters HD Gold Shooting Glasses

As a nearly life-long wearer of prescription eyeglasses, I've paid very little attention to shooting glasses. They typically come in two varieties - cheap glasses large enough to fit over another pair of glasses or cheap glasses designed to be worn by themselves. The latter won't work for me...

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Best Shooting Glasses

An Interview with Brian Conley, President of Hunters HD Gold

Brian Conley has quickly become the James Brown of practical shooting – no one works harder than he does. Brian works hard to not only educate shooters about their vision and his company Hunters HD Gold, but he also works tirelessly to grow practical shooting and to benefit its...

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Best Lenses for shooting

The Hunters HD Gold Difference; The Difference Between Stock and Custom High Definition Lenses

It was four short years ago when Larry Joe Steeley Jr, Steel Target Paint, approached me about the best shooting glasses on the market. I remember a skeptical conversation about his claims. He asked if I wore a prescription in my current shooting glasses and I told him that I did...

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Presbyopia Glasses


Also known as the, “my arms are too short” disease, presbyopia is the normal occurrence of your eyes gradually losing the ability to see things up close. It’s nothing new, in fact according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the term “presbyopia” comes from a Gre...

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Best RX Shooting Glasses

Hunters HD Gold in USPSA Magazine

If you have been to a Steel Challenge State or Area match over the last two years, you have probably seen the Hunters HD Gold tent set up. Brian Conley attended 28 Steel Challenge and USPSA matches last year, introducing competitors to the Hunters HD Gold eyewear. He has also spo...

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Shooting GLasses

From a Personal Need to a Competitor’s Solution

When Brian Conley developed the famous recipe for Hunters HD Gold lenses, he never imagined where it would lead. Fast forward to today, Brian is on the road in a tricked-out Sprinter van with the Magical Mystery Tour, traveling to matches all over the country. Before diving into ...

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Shooting Glasses Review

Review of the Hunters HD Gold Velocity Shooting Glasses

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to win a pair of Hunters HD Gold Caliber shooting glasses at the 2018 Area 5 Steel Challenge Championship. These glasses were probably the best single gear change I made in 2018. You can read my previous review in the September 2018 issue of USPSA Magazine...

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Shooting Glasses Review

Hunters HD Ruby: Seeing the Difference

If you have traveled to a major match in the last couple of years, there is a good chance you have met Brian Conley, president of Hunters HD Gold. I first met Brian in the fall of 2016 and he convinced me to try his new line of glasses, which are now commonplace in the action sho...

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*Hunters HD Gold® protective safety glasses were manufactured and have been tested for impact and passed to meet the ANSI Z87.1+ - 2020 High Impact requirements**.The lenses are made from impact resistant Trivex® material. Hunters HD Gold® are not unbreakable and offer only limited protection. For work hazards involving the possibility of high mass / high velocity impact, such as fragmenting grinding wheels - goggles, face shields and or machine guards should be considered. Consult with your supervisor or safety specialist to decide which type of protection is required for your work environment. Eyewear should be frequently inspected. Scratched, pitted, or crazed lenses will have reduced visibility and impact resistance, and should be replaced immediately. Tinted lenses filter out 99% of all harmful UV radiation. Tinted lenses offer protection against sun glare, BUT should not be used in welding, brazing or cutting operation or where there are dangerous levels of IR radiation. Spectacles should be worn as supplied. These spectacles do not offer protection against molten metal, chemical splash or Laser light. Hunters HD Gold® should be cleaned using ONLY soap and warm water and dried off with a dry clean cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning compounds or solvents. **Impact resistant lenses are neither shatterproof nor unbreakable. Coatings may alter the impact resistance of any lens material. Lenses that are tampered with or re-edged are not covered by warranty. Hunters HD Gold lenses are only designed for approved Hunters HD Gold frames. Prop65 - This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit
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